Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fly little baby, FLY!!! And make your Mother cry!

Today I saw my "baby" off for a 3 month trip to Europe.

I just about died. I put my treasure, my little cohort, on a plane to go across the planet by herself. We have spent the last (almost) 18 years together almost every day. I homeschooled!!

Now I am watching her plane, 33K feet in the air, and am excited about all the things she will get to see! She will get to taste my favorite foods, see all the places I would tell her about, throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain.........

Yet, with all this excitement, I am not sure I am ready to let my baby venture away yet. The realization that she will turn 18 in a few weeks is unreal. Time has passed so quickly!

What I do know is that I have raised an excellent human! She is confident, smart, open-minded and good hearted. She is hilarious, but can be a serious support if needed.

I can't wait to see her millions of Instagram pictures & blog posts! You can follow her travel adventures  on Instagram under "abentpieceofwire".

P.S. Born and raised in the USA. She made sure she would be home for Thanksgiving :).

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Goddess Holiday Gift Guide!

Republished from Nov. 24th, 2013. Classics are timeless :). 

It's that time of year!

I LOVE the Holiday season :). I also stopped buying expensive gifts years ago, and that seems to be part of the stress people feel. This year, I am your Goddess Elf, and I will help you put together some FANTASTIC gifts, or give you some ideas, incorporating my Witches & Goddesses :). During the month of November & December, you will also receive a sample of my favorite Root Tea to warm you up & nourish your body, and with each order you place on my Etsy store, you will receive a $5 coupon to use on your next order :).

#1 Vintage Dreams

Together with the lovely Adella, this makes a great gift for your lovelies that are intrigued by history, enjoy shabby chic, have an old kitchen like mine :), or are gypsyish.

A great place to find accessories for the Kitchen Witch of your choice is estate sales or thrift shops. You could find an old blue mason jar, and put your favorite recipe in, or some cool kitchen tools. Linens are always wonderful. I always check for rips & stains. Usually, a good soaking in Oxyclean & hot wash gets out any stains. Embroidered tablecloths are my favorite finds, just think of all the love that went into them :). The one in the picture was embroidered by my Oma.

"Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in the background is one of the early additions that I found in a garage box at a sale for $1! Remember to dig around at estate sales, the treasures are often hidden and waiting for the right person :). If you can't find it, you can always order a new copy :).

#2 The Green Witch

Do you have a Green Witch in your life? You can pair the crafty Louinda up with one, or all, of these great witchy items. Find some old herb books at the thrift store, or order one of my favorites:
1. The Real Witches Kitchen
2. The Way of the Green Witch 
3. The Book of Herb Cookery (this one is out of print, but it may find you at a library sale :).)

Add a mortar for grinding herbs (these come in so many shapes & sizes! I like stone or ceramic), or some wonderful packs of herbs & spices. Make a special tea mix for your Witch, or you can order my favorite Root Tea, mixed by me, via Herbmagik (when available!).

Each of these gift ideas could also be paired with a beautiful vintage apron. Just make sure it has pockets!

#3 The Fermenter or Health Nut

 Creating bubbly concoctions is the thrill of any Kitchen Witch, and if they are fermented, they are super fabulous for your health :). Pair the vivacious Frederika with some bubbly temptations!

1 . Wild Fermentation. Definitely a must for all new & seasoned fermenters. Love the simplicity of the recipes, perfect for first timers.
Must I say more? Another must have! Not only does it have fabulous recipes, it is full of valuable information & explanations. Plus, it is pretty :).
3. Share a Kombucha scoby and a recipe for your favorite kombucha!
3. Make sourdough starter and share a jar with your favorite bread recipe.
4. Add a tea mix you make, or order the Root Tea I mix here :).
5. All you need is cabbage & a mason jar, and you an make your sauerkraut! Pickle-Biotic Home Fermentation Kit  makes it simple.

#4 The Goddess!

I may be bias, but I believe every woman (and girl!) needs a Goddess!
A Goddess makes a wonderful gift for yourself, a young girl, or another woman that you love. While supplies last, each one will come in a cloth pouch (pattern is a surprise, I make them from beautiful fabrics I find on my treasure hunts :).)
My book, "Musings from the Goddess Within", has short stories, anecdotes, and musings from 3 generations of women. You can see excerpts here. If you order a Goddess, you can get a copy of my book for a special price of $8. Just add "BOOK" to the comments when you order the Goddess, and I will add it to your invoice & order.

Don't forget to check my Etsy store for other great treasures, such as vintage cowboy boots, angels, Vitches, & more! 

If you are sending a gift, I will be more than happy to include a card with a personal message from you. You can choose from a traditional Christmas card, or something more eclectic. Below are some examples.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide, and don't forget to spoil YOURSELF!!

Much love,

**This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing from these links helps support Goddess in the Groove. Thank you!**

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Witch comes out of the Closet

I love estate sales. When I say "LOVE", I mean it. I may be a little additcted.....

This is what I just wrote on Instagram:

I found these two crates of fabulous flip-top jars at an estate sale a few months ago. Since I don't have a dishwasher, the time was never right to get them sterilized until today. As I am sorting and washing these glass jars with their beautiful labels of herbs, I am completely connecting to the woman who owned them before me. Looking at the herbs, how they were labeled (both common & latin names), and the little bit of residue in each of the jars, I know she is smiling now because she knows I found them. Sometimes I leave estate sales knowing that I was meant to go there and find the pieces that I buy, to carry on their magic for the previous owner.

I have had a little change in situation, so now I have time to sort through some of my treasures. At times, I get lucky enough to get the stories behind the pieces. I will begin sharing some of these with you who love a little history mystery :).

This particular estate sales was in a very affluent part of town. Houses were all built in the late '50's, early 60's. I really went to this one because I was "house nosy" (many of the estate sales I go to are solely for the house. Houses are my "thing" :)....I feel them, lol), and because a certain picture on the estate sale listing caught my eye. My mom was here visiting, and if I need a partner in crime, she is certainly it.

When we arrived, the house was already FULL of terribly stressed people and pretty emptied out. The pictures was gone, and I could not enjoy the house vibes because of all icky people energy, so I proceeded out the door through the garage. There was a mudroom stacked with junk and boxes. "LOOK DOWN HEIKE!" something said. I did. The boxes were FILLED with glass jars. A fellow jar hoarder.  When I took a closer look, I saw there were lots of flip top jars, and if that was not enough, they were all labeled with herbs. Not cooking herbs, healing herbs.  Ah, a fellow herb witch! I called my mother so loudly she came bounding from a back room, because NOTHING was going to make me move away from this treasure. As I began sorting the herb jars in new crates, interested people started engaging me.


My mama got one the of the people working there, he gave me an excellent deal on what he obviously thought was junk, and I loaded two crates of these babies into my car.  When I went through the garage to get my second crate, I saw 3 wall shelves, custom built, to hold even more large herbal jars!

I memorized the address. Nothing about this house said Herbal Witch, but those shelves sure did.

Thanks to Google and a little snooping, I found my witch. She was actually the wife of a Senator, and everything I found about her publicly was "Senator Wife". Fundraisers, banquets, foundations....there she was, smiling right at me :). 

Poised & polished, but I can see that twinkle in her eye! In my mind, I see her as a talented healer, that people come to secretly. I can see her going into her garage, opening the closet to uncover rows & rows of beautfiul herbs! I have her in my little book of mysteries, maybe one day I can find someone who knew her personally and who will let the Witch out of the closet!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

BIG things can happen in 30 days!

Doing ANYTHING at all that you have to think about for 30 days is challenging. Let's be honest.

When my fantastic friend Julie emailed me her 30 day challenge, I was intrigued. I would not never copy her challenge, because I am authentic enough to admit that I would fall off THAT wagon on Day 3.  I have learned my limits.

I am inspired to start a challenge of my own. It is simple, doable, YOU CAN JOIN ME, and it will make a big impact in the end.

My clear theme this year has been been RIDDANCE. I feel very "weighed down", making it hard to exert positive changes and start new adventures. I have some great ideas of things I want to do and share, but get overwhelmed by the everyday shit, both literal and physical, in my life. I also need to loose a good 5-10 for health reasons. I think it is all a magic cycle: You accumulate stuff, clutter, negative thoughts, problems, weight, more stuff.

Short and sweet.

Every day, for 30 days,  I will GET RID of something that does not make me happy. This can be
School is over......
anything at all, or many things. There are no rules.

When I have found my GET RID object, I will post it on Instagram (find me under Goddess in the Groove) with the hashtag #Heikes30Day. If you want that item, you can come get it :). Or I can ship it. Otherwise, I it will go into the "Touch and DIE!!!" box, and I will make a donation run every 2 days. Or maybe I will put it in the driveway with a FREE sign. I will work that as I go. Suggestions are welcome.

Fridays will be my catch up days, I will post my thoughts and a camera roll. Let us start today, June 2, and go to July 2.

Let's see what happens. This could be BIG! If you join me, let me know and use #Heikes30Day so I can enjoy your shit RIDDANCE too :).

Much love,

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

My theory: LOVE my food, loose weight, and recalibrate my body.

Food is good

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love food :). Honestly, you probably think I do nothing but cook & eat.

Actually, I do eat often. I love food!

Food as never been an “issue” for me. When I was younger, my metabolism and way of life supported my giant appetite. Even after I hit 30, had two kids, etc, I could pretty much eat what and how much I wanted.

It was not until a few years ago that I noticed issues when I ate certain foods. Foods that I have always eaten. I will feel slightly (or not so slightly) nauseous after eating, or, I will get a metallic taste in my mouth and become very fatigued.  I tested negative for a gluten allergy, but realized that every time I ate (American!) wheat, I would have the metallic incident.

I have gained weight, have trouble sleeping, have dry & sallow skin, and am never thirsty , so I have to force/remind myself to drink water. I also get terrible inflammation pain in my nerves in my feet & legs.

And yes, I am over 40, and no, I don’t think it is age :).

Over the last years I have tried: no wheat, ancient grains, juicing, fasting, no carbs, with carbs, raw foods, not raw, inflammation diets, blood type diets, etc.

I have come to the conclusion that my body, and spirit, do not respond to any of these positively, so I am going to try one more experiment. I am going to include my husband, who, after quitting smoking a little over a year ago, has gained over 30lbs. I also do not believe in a restrictive diet (since I do not have medical issues), and I believe if you still love and enjoy the food you are eating, instead of seeing it as an enemy, it will nourish you.

My theory:

We are going to eat grass fed/free range beef, pork, & chicken (more beef, less chicken for me, as I can only eat it smothered in curry, otherwise I get sick. Not a big fan of pork, love bacon, though!), which we do already. I am going to “lightly” follow the blood type diet recommendations, as some of the “avoid” foods do hold true and make me feel ill. I am 0+, my husband is B. Protein is a major player.

We will eat lots of veggies (cooked or fermented for easy digesting), and smaller amounts of salad (since it is raw) and fruit (yummy, but lots of SUGAH!! :)). I will make more hearty salads that we can also have as snacks, such as bean salads, spelt, etc.

I will get my husband to eat joghurt, kefir, and drink kombucha :).  I love all of these, he does not. He also has a terrible sweet tooth, and I am sure the fermented foods will help curb his outrageous sugar cravings. What human can eat 3 doughnuts at once without getting sick???? For this time, I will likely stay away from raw milk (...:(....), but have the fermented version of it.

Yes, we will have bread. BUT, again, only fermented. I make my own sourdough, and it is pretty tasty. It is very simple to make (you can find a no-knead recipe here: or, you can follow the recipe in Nourishing Traditions, which I use now). You can buy sourdough or traditionally fermented bread, but check your source. Many commercially made sourdough breads are not leavened the traditional way (12 hours or more).

So, I will make all bread, and also pasta. I will make the pasta with spelt or einkorn flour (this is new to me, will post as I make it!).  Basically, I am making sure that the carbs we eat follow traditional philosophy, which is easy on the digestion.

My husband loves rice, I do not :).
We will continue to drink coffee, and eat small amounts of real cane sugar. 

 My hope is that through this diet, we will both loose 10+ lbs (he can stand a little more)  without stressing our body. I also want to “recalibrate” our bodies to perform as it is meant to, so that we continue to nourish ourselves without restrictions.

As for my kids, they will just wonder why mama is cooking so much :).

Weigh in: 148lbs (I am sure that is ALL muscle...)

Friday, January 02, 2015

Gross, yet fantastic food of my youth. How did I survive?

Tonight, I ate a bologna ( baloney!!!)  sandwich.

Right now, I am regretting it immensely, as my stomach is crying out "What the HELL?????"

I can't remember the last time I had a bologna sandwich on soft, crappy white bread (that you can roll into a ball) with mustard & mayonnaise. It was so good for a moment :). Bologna is one of those foods I lived on as a kid. I had phases where I only ate certain things. For a long while my bologna with mustard & mayo, then Alphabet Soup.

Strangely, coming from a mixed German/American household, these foods were like treasures to me as a child. So were Lucky Charms. My German family would not touch those foods with a 10ft pole, LOL. I ate them, and survived. I even grew up to be a healthy, happy, organic, crunchy, real food eating adult.

My husband, who I swear just does this to rile me up, will go shopping and buy $1 white bread, bologna, Fruit Loops (ew...never ate those), those strange little pie things you can buy at a gas station, $1 cookies, etc. His stomach will survive an acapolypse. He is one of those lucky humans that is trim, even though he violates all laws of food. He did gain 30 lbs this year after he quit smoking (yeah for him!!!), but he is still quite average and only snickers when I watch him eat to see if he will self-destruct.

My kids will not touch bologna :)....they will eat tongue sausage, blood wurst, and other adventurous meats, but not Oscar Meyer mystery meat.  They do, however, love to indulge in blue/red/multi-colored Slurpies from 7Eleven, and other questionable junk food that I raise my eyebrows to.

I have learned, over time, that our diet is helathy and "real" enough that our bodies will excuse an insanity moment every once in a while.  Quite frankly, our bodies also make us suffer a little (I won't go into details, but shouts of "blue POOP!!" have rung out in this house...) so that we don't indulge too often.

Now I am craving a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Releasing 2014 - Shit happens

In a few days, 2014 will be over. Not sure how it got here so fast, but alas, it is here.

2014 was going to be MY YEAR. The year everything got better, I realized all my dreams, lost weight, grew all the food for my family, canned all our excess, rode a unicorn, learned to fly....etc.

I had high hopes & fantastic resolutions.

I am sitting here with my 2015 Life & Biz workbook, celebrating & releasing 2014, and realize that I
did not make shit happen. Not only that, lots of shit happened.

Why am I telling you this instead of giving you an uplifting, goddess-like inspiration for the new year? Because I am honest, and I love you :)...Because life comes with unexpected shit, and how you deal with it is what makes all the difference.

So first, be real. Gosh, if you can, order this workbook (you can get it starting at $9.99...give yourself that gift) because it really gets down to the nitty gritty, or just start with a fresh piece of paper and do the express version. Write down, color, fingerpaint all the CHALLENGES from 2014 first. Now, do the same for all the SHIT THAT HAPPENED (no, not the same thing). Have a biz, think about what happened there, what needs to change, why didn't you make money? Be honest, this is not group therapy, no one but you is going to see this.

I have been siting here since 3am, and doing this exercise made me realize:
1. I have been lazy. Honestly, had I done half of what I said I would do in 2014, I would be further along. Maybe not all lazy, but definitely gave other things priority. Thought to ponder: Why are MY things not priority?
2. As much as I love my business/art, time to decide whether it still serves ME as a business.
3. WHY have I not started on the workshops/goals I wrote down last year?
4. Time management is crucial
5. It is ok not to fill out all the blank spaces someone else created (there is a metaphor there)
6. Clutter and un-organized living suck...literally. Both suck the energy out of your soul & house. Plus, I am spending more time looking for crucial things like receipts and other things I need than I am on working my biz....Now there is another metaphor.

So, I am writing down all my rants & challenges for 2014, and kissing them good-bye. Not without scrutiny though, since you should make every challenge a learning opportunity, and only make a mistake once.

Once your art piece is done, love it, hate it....if you want, send it in the fire with love. Remember, YOU are the creator of your destiny!

Much love to you!