Are you the DUMBASS....

driving the minivan with all the school stickers on it and the gazillion car seats?? You know, the one who was on my ass first, then cut me off so hard that I had to make a full brake. Thanks to you, my car cut off and I was not able to get it on again, so I was stuck in the middle of the street until someone gave me a jumpstart.

So while you, you DUMBASS airhead, are weaving through traffic, creating hiatus behind you (this is where I wish I was a cop and could pull you over), I was trying to keep other airheads like you from hitting my car.

GET OFF THE DAMN PHONE! Maybe then you will hear the people around you honking at you!

But guess what? Today I saw you our school pick up loop! Small world, eh? I just sent everyone a message to this blog, including you, hopefully you will recognize yourself. And to the moms who let their babies car pool with DUMBASS, I suggest you follow her one day and see how she is handling your precious cargo.

There, now I feel better. And my son knows how to say "Dumbass".