Cash for Trash

I wonder if there was a Trash Police, one that fined you on the spot or put cuffs on you if you don't pay (like they boot your car), if people would be as careless with their trash?

Hell, make them a Trash & Poop Police, the TPP force!!

I live by a beautiful park. This morning I, and my dog, are walking my little man to preschool. In front of us is a man with a little girl. Right before he gets to the traffic light to cross the street out of the park, he blatantly throws his soda bottle in the grass. He just passed a HUGE trash can. Nothing gets by my little man, he yells (and points): "Look mama, that black man over there just threw his trash on the ground!!" Everyone looks.

Are they looking because little man caught him throwing his trash on the ground, or because he said black man?

I have been pooper scooping after my dog for 16 years. For all of you that let your dog poop in the park and don't pick it up, remember the BUMERANG LAW: Whatever you leave, whatever you do, always comes back to you.

I wish you mountains of dog poop.