What's UP, sister?

I have met many great women in my live, some of them have become my best friends though I have never seen them in person. My cyber sisters :). I love you! Of course, there are my friends here, who I also love. They even give free therapy sessions :).

Then, I get women in my life that take advantage. They take advantage of my kindness, or of my faith in them, maybe even of my friendship. But, since truely they were never friends, friendship is out.

I have let go of 3 women in my life with the last waning moon. You know who you are. Maybe I have not let go of you completely, because I am still disappointed in you and myself for trusting you. The next waning moon is creeping in, and I am going to let you get out of my life for good and never think about you again.

There, now I feel better.

I believe in Karma, do you?