I have a few moments of quiet time tonight (all due to my new, successful, parenting method I am trying!!! More to come on that!) and have been reflecting on some of the great women in my life.

A few weeks ago, 4 other women, all moms, and I went for a weekend away at a cabin. We all picked a meal to "host", brought food, wine, water, and beer, and had the best time! Hours of conversations, topics ranging from being a mom, kids, sex, men, ourselves, what we love, what we hate, what we want to change....it was all there. I learned so much about myself by listening to these other four women talk about their lives. What I really enjoyed is the bond we built, and the respect we have for each other (yes, we do have different opinions). Kudos to all our men who held down the forts that weekend! We had movie nights, sickness, busted chins, crying, etc...but the papas were awesome and made it all work.

Luckily for email and the phone, I can stay in touch with other women who are too far away for a cup of coffee, but they still enrich my life every day.

Salute to you all!