Weird twist of Fate

Today, my daughter insisted we pack up our LAST yummy cookies from a batch we made 2 days ago and bring them to a neighbor. We never really talk to our neighbors, just say "hi" and such. I thought it was weird, was crabby anyways, but she kept badgering me until we packed 'em up and headed down the street. She specifically wanted to bring them to this one lady.

When we got there, my daughter knocked on the door and asked for the lady with her full name. She opened the door tentatively, and I said "Hi, do you recognize us? From down the street?". My daughter hands her the plate and says: "I wanted to bring you some cookies.".

The lady takes the plates, then sweeps my daughter up and gives her a big hug, with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you baby. You don't know how important these cookies are. My son just passed away, and I am so sad."

We stayed, we hugged her, exchanged phone numbers, and left her with a smile.

Listen to your children.