I think many of us have a "rebirth" during our lives. I already had one at age 21, when I had a near fatal car crash. I slipped by with a broken back, and it changed my life in many aspects. It is a long story, which I will share another day.

Today, I was watching a show about cops, and one of them had a face completely marred by scars. At first, I was taken aback by his looks, but after a while his personality shown through. Funny, by the time I found out he had been in a fiery car crash, his looks were unimportant. He was being honored as a survivor. I told my husband that I can relate to this man. After my accident, I was cut up like Frankensteins' daughter. I was offered laser treatment to remove the scars a few years after the accident, but I declined. They are my medals of conquering. I wear them with pride, even though they are faint now. I remember flaunting them in a bikini when I finally was able to walk without a brace or cast after almost two years.

When things like this happen, you become grateful for life, in whichever form it is given to you.

I am going through my second rebirth as I type. I am discovering new ways, and making them part of my life. I am sure many of you saw "The Secret" on Oprah? I saw the movie before the show, but I must say hearing the panel speak, and seeing the aftershow, touched me more than the movie. Since then, I have branched out to learn from these visionaries, and others. Interestingly enough, the LOA has been part of my life always, but I have to learn to use it to my grateful advantage :)....I was ordering from the wrong menu in the last few years!!! :)

With that said, I will keep sharing with you. I have already had some amazing things happen. Old friends call, bills get zeroed out (yipee!), and inspirations to do great things and serve are rolling at me like a landslide.

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