On our 10th anniversary, I gave my husband and myself a ring that has "SOULMATE" stamped on it. But I have another man in my life, and I believe he is my soulmate also. "He" is my dog, who is turning 17 this June.

I met this incredible Animal Healer this weekend, and she assured me my dog was happy, even though his bones ache and his ears itch. I have that feeling too, and when we go out for a walk, it seems that he is only a teenager. We have been through alot together, including a transcontinental move and acclimation.

I know his day to go will come, but now I know it is ok to let him pick the day himself.

I am posting a picture so you can see how much personality he has in old age. I was playing with my camera, and he was done with me trying to get a good shot of him.

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