Granny and the Royals

My friend Dani and I often talk about our grandmothers. They are both wonderful women, and unfortunately, they both live thousands of miles away from us. Today I received this picture of her granny, Ata, who is a photographer, and a woman I wish I could meet. I wanted to share with you (with Danis' permission, of course) the great picture, and the comment her dad sent with it.

"The third person from the right on the stairway is Prince Wilhelm Alexander
of Orange, the crown prince. Next to him, fourth from the right, is
Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, the future Queen.

My mother Ata is the 94-year lady at the bottom left of the picture. Later
on, during dinner, she sat right next to the crown prince, who was very
charming and talkative. Unfortunately, my mother is nearly deaf."