Greetings from High School

Remember High School? Good or bad memories?

I tend to block them out. But the hideous little happenings come back to me now as an adult, while I am online.

Yes, in the sanctuary of my computer, High School is coming all over again, this time with the extra kick of PMS. Geesh. On some of the lists I am on, it is "Miss Popular" all over again. One person can say the dumbest things, and get 20+ encore one-liners. Others, who actually post some intelligent content or relevant questions, get completely ignored.

Why am I all hot and bothered? No, not because I am being ignored ( I have learned a long time ago that I am happy as long as I say what I need to say), but because the rah-rah bothers me.

I am making some great friends and we are devising a trick comment :).