Manic Monday

Today, when I was getting ready to go to bed, I discovered two HUGE rips in my bedsheet. If you own a CAL KING size bed, you will appreciate this, as you know that the mattress sheets for these deep pocket suckers cost almost as much as the damn mattress. Not that my sheets are the family treasure, but I paid good money for that stupid sheet, it's purple, and I am not going to rip it up for rags.

So, I pulled out my sewing machine, blew off the dust, and started sewing away. I discovered the various stitch setting my sewing machine has, which will make my mother very happy when she reads this :). While I am stuffing this huge sheet through my machine, creating wrinkles and tucks where there were none before, I realize that the sheet is so thin and fine that every tug rips a new hole. My sheet kept ripping more. WELL! I decide to find a piece of scrap from some mermaid curtains, since every girl can use a little mermaid magic in her bed. I made a HUGE patch, LOL, and slapped it right over the raggy rips. Then I was having so much fun with the patchwork stitch, I played around and turned that patch right into a "stitch sampler". If I decide to recycle this sheet after all, I can always turn this piece into a pillow, or maybe a skirt???

Guess what I found when I pulled out my sewing machine? The loader plug to my Palm Pilot that has been missing for about a year. Now, my friends, I may keep my appointments again :)..

Or maybe not.