When I saw "The Secret" a few months ago, I was hooked. Funny, everyone had been talking about it, but it never grabbed me. One night of cyber browsing, and I came across a free copy. I watched it, and it moved me. But it was not until Oprah had the panel from The Secret on her show, that is when it really grabbed me. Listening to them talk about their lives, and how they made it to the point they were at inspired me to dig deeper. I picked the people who resonated with me most, and researched their work. Doing this led me to other inspiring speakers, and I am reading/thinking/dreaming my way to my "ideal" or authentic life.

If you have not been to HayHouse yet, or listened to their radio broadcasts...let me introduce you:

Improve the quality of your life. HayHouse books & workshops...20% off selected items every day.

HayHouse radio is free, and this is what I listen to at night when I am creating goddesses or researching ;). If you are a true fan, you can also call in and get readings or forecasts from these exceptionally talented and well-known hosts. I actually found HayHouse while researching publishers for the book I am working on. I took my favorite books and checked who had published them, and voila', there I was.

Enjoy, and let me know who is inspiring you today!

P.S. My favorites right now: Sonia Choquette, Wayne Dyer, and Mary Goulet of Momstown (where you can hear me every once in a while giving my comments :)..)

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