I recently found another soul sister. It is one of those weird things in my life, I randomly meet women who are like an answer to my prayer. Unfortunately, they are either on the web and millions of miles away, or I do meet them person, but they are ALMOST a million miles away.

I just read a post of friend (a million miles away in AL), who said she really NEEDS other, like-minded women in her life right now. I can totally relate. I miss the middle of the night girlfriend sprees, the unscheduled coffee chats, the sobbing phone calls at any hour, the knowledge that whatever happens, I have a safety net. A woman, or women, my sisters.

ugh, how mushy?

Seriously, I am so anti-group, it is not even funny. Schedules give me hives. I am not unsocial, but am a scattered soul that moves on a whim. But I need the consistancy, and the safety of a circle. Like-MINDED women, not women like me. That would be a disaster.

Why is it that we have such a hard time finding each other???

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