Having a huge GS puppy seems to be my destiny for many reasons.

1. I have to walk him every morning for at least 45 minutes, with a stop at the dog park for a quick romp with his friends. Otherwise, he is a big pain in my ass for the rest of the day, as his energy level and adolensence is very patience testing. With that said, this consistant walking is wonderful for "my" ass. I also secretly enjoy the quietness and "zen" of the cool mornings in the park.

2. Obedience training is working wonders for Rex, and for my 5 year old.

3. Though it seems my dh and everyone else thinks I am too soft on Rex to be his Alpha, they all don't know what is coming their way. The more I learn about this dog, the better I learn I to deal with the rest of my family too. I am becoming very Alpha mama.....

4. We had a wonderful trainer over the other day, and dh gets it now. Consistant training means happy dog/ happy dog means happy family. Who would have thunk it?? We are finally BOTH dog parents.

What am I going to do when this house is so "zen"?????

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