Just today, I read about "ghosties" on one of my favorite blogs, Adventures of a Wild Hippie Child.

It made me smile, only because the ghosts, or spirits, of the ones that love me are in my life all the time. They are not a swaying figure that comes and holds conversations with me, but they come, and they make themselves noticed. They come when I need them.

It has not been a whole week since we lost our dog. My son, who is 5, says he is here in the house still. He says he can smell him :). I don't smell him, but I can feel him, and have caught "glimpses" of him on several occasions. At first, I thought it must be his energy, but now I think he decided to come and stay. I swear that dog lived so long because he felt he had to protect us, and he is back to do just that. Our puppy has been grieving, but perks up at things I don't see. We welcome him back.

My kids have been raised not to fear friendly spirits, to them it is all part of the "magic" :).

For me, stress turns into headaches. A few weeks ago, I had a terrible day, things just got chaotic. To the point that my daughter, 9, ordered me to go lay down on my bed and sleep. She could handle everything. I did just that. I fell asleep immediately, out of pure exhaustion and headaches. My father showed up in my dream and surprised me. He held out his hand to me. When I grabbed his hand, my hand became warm and tingly. So I gave him my other hand too. In my dream. Then I hear my daughters' voice calling me. She is waking me up, because she came to check on me and I felt "hot" to her touch. There she was stroking my head :). I felt better, and knew that my father was there to let me know that I was going to be alright.

I wish I could make appointments......

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