It's going well since I take whiskey in my coffee

I thought I would share my favorite questions of the day:

"So, how is homeschooling going?"
Heike:"It's going well since I take whiskey in my coffee."

"Who's walking who?" (Favorite comment from male pedestrians with balding hair as I am walking/training my puppy.)
Heike: "That is so funny. Have not heard that one before. Here, would you like to walk him?"

"Mama, can you come wipe my butt?"

"Why don't I have any socks?" (The last time a man asked me that, I left him)
Heike: "Sorry, our art project this week was sock puppets. Here are some with green hair."

"Mama, why does that poop have white hair?" (As we are on a nature walk....)
Heike: "A coyote ate Santa"

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