Frivolous little ME!!!

I never know when a little treasure will hit me over the head :). I was enthralled by these when I saw a women wearing them one day when I was out; and today they appeared in my inbox. NOW, if THAT is not a sign, I don't know what is!

20% off Yoga Sandals. Was $30 Now only $24 at Gaiam.


With that said, I have a broken back and really NEED these sandals. I can even get socks with single toes so that I don't freeze my buttocks off when I am wearing my "cool new sandals that really good for my broken back and weird leg".


If you want to know more about my "broken back and weird leg", just sign up for my book in the index, soon I will share and let you know why I am still here.

Purely for your entertainment, of course :).

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