Never Cry Wolf - Help Comanche get medical help NOW

Today, I was touched by a wolf.

As you know, I am a "wolf girl". I was blessed with meeting Danielle, and her Ambassador wolves today. These majestic creatures will steal your heart. Danielle is part of a rescue organization called "Never Cry Wolf Rescue". She tours with her wolves to educate and raise awareness.

Today, I was part of an event that helped raise funds for this fabulous group. Please take a moment to read their website, and why they are an integral part of saving this amazing creature.

My children and their friends walked around for 8 hours "selling" stamps for .50 cents because they wanted to help the wolves. They thought of this themselves and raised over $80.

The rescue has ongoing needs, but today I am blogging to ask for your help to raise the $1000 needed to get Comanche, one of the grey wolves in my pictures, immediate medical help. Once I met these wolves, and I had a deep connection with them. ANY amount you can give helps. You can PayPal to, please put "Goddess Wolf" in the reference, or go directly to their donations page.

My friend and I are planning a fundraising event for the rescue. There will be a raffle with beautiful artifacts, including a "Wolf Goddess" that I am making especially for Comanche. If you would like to receive notice, please join my Yahoo Group at

When you see these pictures, you will understand why I was so deeply touched by these gentle and wise wolves. Please pass this on to your friends so that we can raise the money needed to help Comanche now, and support this wonderful group.

Snack break. Heike & Dante

Dante & Comanche. Comanche was not feeling well, but "insisted" he come along. I think it was because he knew he would bond with a new set of humans today (old & young) that will help him and his pack.

Justina & Dante, in between "photo sessions". We were taking photos for $5 a piece to raise money.

Benjamin & Dante, the Alpha wolf

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