Birth Announcement!

I am excited to announce the official "birth" of my book!
"Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within"!

Please come join me at Javalicious Cafe' in Sacramento, on Sunday,February 10th, from 7-10pm, as I celebrate the "birth" and future growth of my book. If you can't join me "live", please visit my online celebration at

You can reserve your personal copy ($12.95 plus tax), or purchase one at the book launch. Each book comes with tears & laughter :)..and some extra little goddess goodies*:
1. 10% Goddess discount on your purchase on my Etsy store!
2. Entry to win a fabulous yellow Goddess in the Groove messenger bag
(perfect for everything from a laptop, to diapers!)*
3. My friend & idol, Sharon Turnbull, Ph.D., author of *Goddess Gift :
Discover Your Personal Goddess Type* offers three special gifts that
will bring more "goddessness" into your life.

:: A free chapter from her book that brings empowering lessons about living from the essence of who you are -- from your heart, mind and soul.
:: A 30% discount on the Goddess Quiz, a popular online personality assessment, that reveals your personal goddess archetype. (Or on the Greek Gods Quiz for men.)
:: A stunning Goddess Screensaver. When struggling with the challenges of contemporary life, its serene beauty will gently remind you to live always with purpose and spirit. (Windows and Macs) .

I hope you can join me! This book is filled with revelations, miracles, Blessingways, & much more.... You can view pages from the book by pulling up "Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within" in Google Books. Please pass this on to any Goddess that would enjoy my book!


*Contest runs from 02/06-03/05/08. Extra bonuses offered for a limited
time only.

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