Chaos Recipe #2

This one is for my friend, DJ Kirby. No curry this time :).

You will need:
1 chicken
1 crock pot
1 big jar of salsa, hot or mild (I like to use the fresh salsa from the refridgerated section, or Mango salsa!)

Clean that chicken, make sure you remove the bag of giblets, throw it into the crockpot, cover with salsa, and turn on the pot. (I am highlighting that because I forgot that step the other day and came home to cold chicken.....).

When chicken is done, 6-8 hours later, remove bones and shred. Return to crock pot with sauce. Serve over rice, or wrap up in a burrito shell with sour cream!


(I am so glad Benjamin can't read yet. A little horrible, crock pot chicken right over the post of Benjamin with his 'friends'...)

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