Road Trip!

For years we (I mostly, as I am the adventurous one, and my dh is the sane one) have dreamed of selling our house and possessions, buying a RV, and traveling around the country.

Well, as CA is in a housing FART right now, we could hardly buy a Geo Metro with our house....let alone buy a $$$ RV and live like royalty on the proceeds of our house.

BUT!! Just send that intention into the universe long and hard enough, and something will materialize. You may have to be a bit flexible....

Meet our new dream is only 8 years younger than I am....LOL!

It sleeps 4 and one dog. Yipee! We are taking votes on the new paint job:

Purple with red flames.

Turquoise with red flames.

Pink with big purple flowers :).

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