Thank Goddess for the internet, Part 2

Yesterday I told you about the wonderful woman I met on the internet, Antoinette of Creatress's Creations. We had so much fun emailing, we decided to meet for coffee today.

We did a Goddess Exchange!! :)...Don't be jealous, but I received 3 (!) super cool necklaces, picked out JUST FOR ME!! Antoinette puts little treasures in resin and makes pendants out of them. She picked a shell (for the mermaid in me), and a woman out of an old magazine (for the vintage kitscher in me!), as well as making me a necklace out of many different red hued beads. How did she know I was into red this week as I am clearing my first chakra??? Who knows...Coincidently, we have discovered many common traits, and many paths that have brought us together. Antoinette picked my purple star goddess to be her own, and they are a perfect match!

I would post some pics for you, but unfortunately I have no idea where my camera cable is taking residence at this time. We are also missing: one checkbook, one Titti Bear (Purple, and roars. A reward is offered!), one Athena shoe belonging my dh's doll, one computer ear phone that lets me use Skype while on my laptop.

Now, if the real live ME, and my boisterous children did not scare her away, I have met a soul sister on the internet :).

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