Living from my Handbag

These last days have been crazy, and I feel as if I am living out of my small handbag. Cell phone, cereal bars, camera, glasses (that seem to get swallowed in there), wallet. I usually carry the hobo size purse, but am trying to force myself to collect less clutter by taking this mini bag. So I am carrying a small bag stuffed to the seams with my stuff......

This "spirited" week will end on Monday, right after our tax man leaves. The reason I get so crazy is because I procrastinate. Every year I SWEAR I will get organized, file my receipts, keep track of expenses monthly, stay off of this damn computer, and voila', every year I post the same thing.


I am also preparing for a show this weekend. I must say, I seem to perform much better under pressure...the last few goddesses are GORGEOUS! My daughter keeps trying to gamble the Wolf Goddess away from the selling block.

We took our Hooptie van for a ride up the mountain this weekend, to Gold Country. It was truely beautiful. We ventured to Daffodil Hill, because I have been wanting to run through the ACRES of daffodils for 3 years now.


I will post pictures tomorrow and show you the difference of what you "imagine", and reality.


Wolf Goddess, Spring Goddess, Owl Goddess, and Tree Goddess, in the making :).

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