No Blogiquette??

I have a fabulous friend, who also happens to have a fabulous blog. It seems as if her "bloggifans" are just sitting in the start holes, anticipating a new post. Soon after she posts, there are 20+ comments to her post. Don't get me wrong, I love her and she is truely FABULOUS, but she could post "I SUCK!" and her bloggifans would be right there to pull her out of her misery :).

Today I asked her (she happens to a voice friend too!!) how she does it?? I have my own little circle of bloggifans who I adore, but I am feeling a challenge coming on. I want more bloggifans!!

Her response: "You have no Blogger Etiquette."


OMG, there is a Blogiquette (my new word!!), and I have rudely ignored it? Please, save me from further ignorance, educate me!

Post your favorite Blogiquette "must do".

P.S. Let's see if my FRIEND really reads my blog and follows her own rule: You should always visit your friends' blog and comment. ha! I am watching you......... :)

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