I want my Earth Day back!

Every year, the kids and I look forward to Earth Day at Sac State. This year, they changed the location, and obviously Mr. Preppie took over the organization :(.

To make a long story short, they wanted to cater to mainstream America more, not to "hippies" like me (see the stupid article in the Sac Bee). What a drag.

To Event People: Really, instead of catering to the people who don't give a shit anyways and are only there because you happen to have the event on a Sunday by one of the coolest parks in the city, and give out free frisbees, you would cater to US, the people who do give a shit; the ones who support and enrich Earth Day, it would make you look much smarter. Especially since we carry all the bone heads who don't give a shit about the Earth...and never will, even if you explain it to them. I always think about the article I read once about the man who turning his property into a self-sustaining farm, and at the same time teaching his who family how to shoot. This way, when there is no food in the grocery store and they try to loot his property, he can protect himself...Mad Max? Or reality?

Anyways, we did have some highlights on this dreary day. My kids performed Capoeira, and were super cool. That picture up there is Mr. Heike and I with Kevin Johnson, "Quote Little Lenny: the famous baskeball player!", who is running for Mayor of Sacramento very successfully and just happened to be mingling :). Plus, I met some friends I have not seen in ages..

Little Lenny in an electric car. They are fun, but not meant for a family. Two seats and a trunk...I am in the reflection, kind of eerie, and totally unintended!

Little Lenny, playing Capoeira!

Heike Jr. She is so serious, having so much fun, and GOOD! (Proud Mama)

Bad boys, Bad boys, watcha' gonna do??? Watcha' gonna do when they come for you?? Little Lenny in heaven...

I am uploading some videos I took. You have to see this to enjoy it even more, with the drums and energy in the background! It will make your butt move! But, due the private nature and other kids in the video, you need to email me if you want to see the video...and I will only let you if I know you!

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