What if our Presidential Candidate was of an Earth/Universe based religion??

Call me CRAZy, but I consider myself pretty intelligent and worldly, but at a recent impromptu visit at a friend's house, I was outed. Her intellectual friends obviously thought I was quite stupid, because politics is not my thing. Quite frankly, they bored me to death.

With that said, I do follow politics. I just tend not to talk about them, as I have very strong opinions about many controversial topics, so strong that I might scare you. I follow what affects me. I follow what I am passionate about. Everything else, I really do not give a rat's ass about. Come on, a girl has to prioritize! Does that make me ignorant??? Or focused? Or both?

I am following the Presidential campaign very closely. I remember once saying: "If Hillary runs for President, women will vote for her because she is a woman." I have since changed my mind, because I know women have to see right through all this bullshit. Can you tell I am getting a bit disenchanted?

I watched The View to see Senator Obama. He stood well between these opinionated and outspoken women, though I must say, they seem to have lost their spunk over time. He makes for some interesting discussions in my family, as we represent all the facets of this race. We are white, black, multi-cultural, working, working poor, artist, democrat (or mostly green, but what party would that be???), and black Republican. I happen to like Obama, and when I mentioned that to the above mentioned intellectuals, they jumped me. Did I not hear his Reverend ( I had to laugh when he Obama said on The View: "Think about 5 people in your life and the stupidest things they have said/done.", when they referenced the Reverend. All I am saying is that "I" could never run for a political office, hell, my kids probably can't either, because between our families and our close friends, Mr. Heike and I are screwed for about 8 generations......)? Have I never heard of the New World Order and all of these secret groups, these groups that will always be in power? What about the war in Iraq? Did I really think HE would be able to end it, as his stand on the war was "iffy" to say the least, and he had no foreign experience (Ok, well look at our current P...wonder how much Geography catch up he had to do??)?

Hmm..and yes. Yes, I have heard about all this, but I am trying to focus on what I can control. And really, now much does what WE, the little voting women, think count anyways? Unless your intellectual ass is a Super Delegate, well, frankly your intellectual opinion does not really have too much clout. Does that mean I am going to sit back and do nothing? No.

As I suck at political discussions because I will not stray away from my opinion, and I refuse to believe that the world is going under, I will end this ramble with the following question:

What if our next President (I will say "he" to make it easy reading, but it COULD (should?) be a SHE, of course!) was of an earth/universe based affiliation, you know, Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, etc? How would that change our country?? Some VERY random thoughts from me:

= Environmental issues would be addressed differently. Experts with real solutions that would benefit our environment would be deployed to take care of our Earth. Fines for spills, chemical waste, air pollution, poisoning of our waters, would be so astronomical that it is cheaper to comply to the rules, rather than pay the fine when you happen to get caught. We DO need water to survive, and soon you will get high by just sipping some tap water due to all the chemicals (eeek!!! Better avoid those publick water fountains!!).

= War. Interesting topic. I wonder if we would go to war for oil (if this is why we are at war?), as we would not need so much (see: Environmental Standards)? Could we then stay home and tend to the deficiencies of our own country? Would we go back to the old days, were you fight, conquer, and own (oh, or this what we are doing now?). Will this P understand that "religious soldiers" have a very different mindset than "professional soldiers"? Passion is a strong emotion! War is always deadly, there is no good solution, in my opinion. Maybe World Peace? Can this really be achieved? If yes, I guess we would not have to go to war to democratize (is this a word?) other countries either, would we (since this is why we always go, right?)? I feel for the families of our soldiers, my blessings to you.....)

= Debt. Another interesting topic. If, instead of sending money everywhere in the world and making our country poorer by the second, playing "Big Daddy", our government would subsidize recycling, reusing, environmental friendly driving and building, etc....would this attitude spill over to society, making the gap between rich and poor smaller, as it would not be about money and possessions? In my mind, I see our country as a compulsive shopper, one who goes out and spends and spends, maxing out credit cards, and drowning in debt. In order to buy more and survive, she (the U.S.) hits up their family (workers, taxes), as they cannot get more credit. Then they steal to support their addiction (take away education, more taxes, home foreclosures, only the richest can survive this recession.).
What if our P, and our government, were an open Recycler, Freecycler, or Compactor?? Nothing new for one year! An icon of "using what you have", asking others for what you need before you spend money and resources to make it new, passing on what you don't need (and I don't mean tons of garbage and waste).
What if jobs stayed in the U.S. rather than being outsourced, because our government would help companies that "Keep it in the family"?? What if "Made in the USA, poison free" would be mandatory on clothes and products?

= Education: Well, this P might have been home-schooled, due to his background :). I am a bit biased here, as we home-school. My kids learn and learn, and don't take many tests. This P might insist that instead of learning to circle A, B, and C, public schools teach arts, language, science. He/she knows that you will learn to read and do math while studying other things...so we do not need to spend hours with meaningless worksheets. Greek Myths are an excellent reading primer :).

= Health. Wow, well being earth based, this P will focus on prevention and good core health, rather than medication. Medical training will continue to progress, and include the art and study of herbs. Pesticides and manipulated foods will be eliminated, so people will be healthier in general. Local farms will be supported, so that they sustain the communities with healthy food. Children will flourish. And yes, the U.S. will model after European countries that give everyone health insurance......

I am not touching on foreign affairs, seniors, immigration, etc, but these are important points. Maybe in my next imagination rambling......

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