I would be Tiramisu with real Amaretto

Copied from my bellisama friend, Frutto della Passione, though she added a cute photo mosaic...not going to happen here, as I am very bad with instructions.

1. Favourite food scene in a movie. The makings of chocolate in "Chocolat"
2. Favourite breakfast food. French toast
3. Favourite ethnic cuisine. Italian
4. Guilty pleasure. Eclairs stuffed with whipped cream
5. Favourite ice cream flavour. Stracciatella
6. Favourite cookbook. A very old cookbook that separates the recipes into different regions, ie. Dutch, South, etc. Very, very old, my treasure. Received it from a lady who owned a B&B in San Francisco in the early 40's :)...But I have to send my love to Paula Deen, who I would just be tickled pink to cook with.
7. Favourite snack. Guacamole
8. Favourite kitchen gadget. My new Kitchenaid food processor
9. Chocolate: dark, milk or white. Dark, just like my man :)...(haha!! I have always wanted to say that somewhere!! Fabulously trashy!).
10. If you were a dish, what would you be? Tiramisu, with real Amaretto.
11. What did you have for lunch today? Leftover noodles with egg and ketchup
12. Favourite beverage. Ice cold beer

I like the idea of not tagging anyone, but please copy if I have inspired you, and let me know!!

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