Good Ghosts

One of the reasons I have stayed in stinky SackofTomatoes (Sacramento) so long is that it is only 1.5 hours away from San Francisco. This city makes my heart beat faster every time we drive over the bridge and I get the first glimpse of the magic. It is truely a beautiful and magical city, with so much character and good "vibes" it makes me want to burst with happiness whenever we are there.

Really :). If you know me, you know it is my My Place of Worship, and regularly My Place of Escape from Housecleaning. Last week, we drove down to the city to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at SFMOMA. Talk about an excited Heike! She is one of my favorite artists. Not only do I love her work, she is also my soul sister, as we both had the exact same body cast and I feel a bond with her. Like I told my son as we are standing before one of her very graphic pictures: "She is painting her pain and tears in pictures. Mama had many of the same pains, so I understand her pictures and see them as expressive, not scary." What a woman of opinions & passion (Frida & I).

When we are in San Francisco, we so often drive through the Presidio. Much of it is like a ghost town, vacant. I love, love the Presidio, and may offer my first born for one of the Officer Quarters that overlook the Bay. Every time we drive by, I dream of someone stopping me and saying: "YOU! You belong here, here is a key to Building #7, you must move in immediately! Yes, Sir!". I am always sad to see these beautiful buildings waste away to nothingness, empty instead of filled with energy (I am a building empath :)..they speak to me.) So last week, we drive through the Presidio so I can get my fix, and I see construction, but no signs.

Tonight I get an email from Disney ( I have no idea why..) "updating" me on the construction of the Disney Family Museum at the PRESIDIO!! I am thinking: "They are building a Presidio at Disneyworld? How odd." But NO, they are building the museum in the Presidio!! Yippee! Check it out. You know, for this I have to love Walt Disney. They are building a museum and education site, and are preserving these wonderful baracks. My Papa used to get tears in his eyes when he talked about the Presidio, I am sure she he looking down and loving it too.

They are finding artifacts in the dirt as they are updating the old buildings to withstand earthquakes. I expect some ghosts will be stirred as they work :), and I cannot wait to wander the halls myself when they are finished.....

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