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Ok, so it has been a WEEK, and I am still not done!

Nope, and today I decided to lounge at the lake with my kids and kajak, as the smoke wore off just enough for us to go outside (before I strangle them both!). It was fabulous, and all that pent up energy just got sucked up during 5 hours of lake play, including mine.

But have not fear, I tackled today, and am almost done enough to present what a lot of decluttering can do. If you don't know what I am rambling on about, see WEEK ONE of my mission.

I have found TREASURE in this TRASH!!

Yes, I found 2 replacement glasses for my wall spiral, so now only one is missing :). I found enough energy lightbulbs to light my house for 3 generations. Geesh. Every time I shop I must buy lightbulbs! Note to self: No, you do NOT need lightbulbs. Ever again. I also found a huge amount of art supplies, and herbal supplies. I think I am a craft whore. When I am not making goddeses, I knit, crochet, create, and I have enough media out there to teach classes at a senior home on all these subjects, for at least 2 years.... I found enough dog treats for Rex and ALL his friends at doggy training to live off of for one week. I found food, both good and bad. I found lots and lots of bandanas and other fabulous pieces of cloth.

What does this teach us? WOMEN, STOP BUYING!!!

I am definitely a consumer. Or was, now that I do not buy new anymore, I am better. Even though I am still a thrift store junkie. Tomorrow I will tackle the huge stash of yarn, and then I will share :).

Just a little tease before the unveil:

My white stallion...wish once, wish twice......

WHAT do I smell in there???

Don't worry Mama, I got it!!!

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