A Spot for Women

For many years, I would say: "I wish someone would tell me what I am supposed to be doing so I could stop all these meaningless things and get cracking!"

I would consult healers and magic people to tell me the road to take. (BTW, a true "see-er" will not give you this answer, they will only give you the tools to find out yourself.....oui?). I would beg my mother to make me do something. I would start something, just knowing I found my "it", just to discover that just like love, it takes more than a thrill to make it last....

I have found my path. I know what I a meant to do, now I just need the tools. I am here to make women strong. I am looking for the perfect piece of land, the place where this women's center will blossom:If the colors make you smile, excellent. I colored this after it came to me and just felt so right, I had to hurry and put it on paper to share. Thankfully, there are crayons strewn everywhere in my house.

This is a retreat. A place for Circle. The houses in the middle are made of cob, and are cozy little cottages for the women. The big houses are for myself, and my friend (who is an herbalist), and there will be space for other spirits that are part of this plan :). This will be a place of peace, healing, education, rejuvenation, being a goddess. It will be a place for women to gather. Just like on my website, www.goddessinthegroove.com, a place for women with opinions....and here I will add " & spirit".

I am throwing this out to the universe! If you know of 5-10acres of land that need spirit (not money), I am your woman!

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