Checking myself in for a week

Last night I sat outside by the light of the moon, watching the clouds go by. It seems as if the world moves faster when you watch the clouds....

I had a few revelations in this hour in the moonlight. I heard my "other" name (by surprise) and I decided it is time to take off for a week and re-prioritize. There are changes waiting to happen, yet my current situation keeps gobbling me up and pushing evolution away. A voice in my head is telling me that not only are at least 3 humans and one dog relying on me, so is my spirit. Not so long ago, I wise woman told me I was like the canary the miners used to take into mines to let them know when the air runs out. It is time for me to make some changes and escape the cage before I tweet my last canary tweet. It is time to stand back and regroup.

I am both physically and "mentally" not at my best. Much of my physical ailment stems from breaking my back 18 years ago (if this statement intrigues you, you can read more about this experience in my book, "Gooddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within" :)..), and age (ugh). As the nonchalant doctor told me a few months ago: "You just have to do more exercise." Ok. But it is not just my weak leg, there are other issues I have to take care of, and when I listen to my instincts, they are saying it is time to be quiet and listen......

On recommendation of the above wise woman, I tried to create a tribe in my "real" world ( my cyber presence is nurtured so much more than the real me, and frightfully better balanced!), and it seems the time was not right. That was meant to be my anchor, instead I was the captain trying to keep a capsizing boat afloat. I realize now it is time to cast out a new line and find the community that will be my anchor during the next year, as I hear the messengers whispering of a new journey.

This morning I opened my email, and my daily horoscope says:
"Consider taking time off to relax".

You don't have to hit me in the head with a brick....

So I am signing off for at least a week. Going to talk to the trees, catch some fresh air, enjoy my kids......and hopefully the next moon session will bring some answers. Of course I will never cut the umbilical cord from my computer, I am only clamping it for a minute to catch my breathe.


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