Why I blog

I remember reading my first blogs and being wowed by the technical brains of these bloggers. It wasn't until my friend sent me the witty Dooce that I decided that I need to blog too.

I mean really, where else can I say what I want without someone jumping down my throat or running away in tears (well, they still do, but I have the power of the delete button when they piss me off too bad, or when they are too chicken to show face and post as "anonymous". I just LOVE me some anonymous....)? Where can I express my creative language freely? Where can I hold heated discussions that FINALLY can be seen by others so that everyone does not call ME the bitch all the time?

This blog was born.

I thought I could reach the world, send out "uplifting" thoughts and rants, gift a sale, etc, etc, etc.

I did not think that I would become addicted, and I did not think that my ego would rise and fall with the number of comments I get :). Really, I thought I left all the need to succeed when I finished high school.....

I also did not anticipate the fabulous women that would come into my life through this little window to the world. Oh my GODDESS!! I had no idea you were out there! Women who I have never met in real life, but that I would walk across hot coals for. And dare you mess with them, I will pull out my roots and deal with you....I just love them, need them, and will make the earth move to make sure my computer is always connected to them. If I did not have them in my little isolated part of the world, I would just wilt away like an abandoned flower...

A few days ago I met yet another woman, one I did not know about. I met her in real life, and when I introduced myself, she smiled and said: "I know you." You do? I started getting a bit uncomfortable when she asked about my kids and Rex, because now I am thinking I am going to have to be rude and ask her who she is. Then she tells me that she has been reading my blog and website for a long time. She says I make her laugh, and how my posts have often pulled her out of a depression. She says she feels like we are BFF. I asked her who she is, and don't recognize her name. She does not comment here, or anywhere else :). But she knows who she is, and I think we are going to be good friends, for real.

So when someone recently asked WHY I blog, I could have said:
1. for business
2. for exposure
3. to maximize my marketing
4. as an extension of the community of my website, www.goddessinthegroove.com


But really, I need my girls.
Much love,

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