House Mouse

Imagine pulling out a package of noodles and finding a small hole in the package.

"Hm...that's strange."

Then you pull out another package....and another hole.

Then you pull out everything and find mouse poop. Your better half tries to convince you that it is something else (like what??).

You throw everything in that drawer away, scrub it. The next morning, you open another cabinet and there is more mouse poop.

Now it is on.

First of all, the better half has to close up the 3 open passageways into your house (like you told him to for 2 years) before he goes fishing. Then you buy a big galvanized can for the dog food, as the plastic does not seem to bother mice.

Then you eliminate every hiding spot, and throw away any food that is not in a can or plastic container. (The thought of mouse feet on your food, or MOUSE POOP, just grosses you out. Super sanitation......)

Then you set out 4 mouse traps, since this little buggar crossed the line. And, you don't want rodent room-mates that multiply by an average of 12 every few days....

At 11:42pm, instant gratification.

The End

What I am grateful for:
That my kids have the rodeo in their blood and wrangled their runaway dog today while I peeled my old bones off the concrete (this is a whole 'nother post!).

What I am manifesting: That everyone shopping at the Wine & Wellness show this weekend loves someone enough to buy them a Goddess or my book ;).

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