Sunday Funday

I love Sundays.

Mr. Heike and Jr. #2 have gone fishing. It is their time to hang out together and do "man stuff" :)..or just play in the water. They always come home dirty, stinky, wet, and happy. No fish, but that's ok....

Heike Jr. and I have time to breathe in peace, go to the market, scour the thrift stores for treasures in peace, have cake and coffee somewhere where both are waaay to expensive (but hey, we don't splurge much), go buy new beads, and do other girly things together.

Tonight at dinner we will each have a "big fish" story to tell.

What I am grateful for: That we love second hand and recycled, and don't feel any Holiday pressure, only giddiness.

What I am manifesting: I am going to get organized, so I am manifesting "consistancy".

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