Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish you all a wonderful new 2009!

Remember, anything can happen :).

Here are a few of my favorite New Year's Traditions:

` Clean today, not tomorrow! Sweep out the old, sit back and let the new come in and get comfy. No washing (not even hair!!) clothes, no sweeping or cleaning out closets....Do it today, if you must, take it easy and enjoy tomorrow.

` Black Eyed Peas - good luck and happy digestion :).
My simple recipe: Soak beans overnight. Drain. Fill up with water, chopped onions, chopped garlic (I use lots of both), salt pork (there's that pig again!!), cheyenne pepper, salt, regular pepper. Cook for 2 hours or until beans are done. Yum.

` Make a list of things you want to happen in 2009. Hang it somewhere you will see it every day. Cross of things as they happen. I like to read mine over and over...great family activity :)

Today I spoke to my Tante Erna, who raised me for much of my life while my mama worked. She makes "Krapfen" every New Years, and puts money into a few of them. As kids, this was a thrill, especially when you got the BIG FIVE :). I am calling her next week to discuss the recipe, and will post that for 2010...

Much love. Have a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009.

What I am grateful for: My life.

What I am manifesting: Health

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