Indecent Exposure

I have been MIA for a few days because my Mamacita came to stay with us last week! :) place to RELAX like our house (snort!!).

I am a girl of little words, but wanted to share our day at the California Academy of Sciences in San Fransisco with you! What an awesome place!! I have a zillion photos :), picking was hard. Maybe I will swamp you with more tomorrow....

This one has got to be MY FAVORITE! This frog had no problem with indecent exposure :).

Benjamin, enthralled by Baleen..

Three generations, one eyeball each...

In the Rainforest cool, especially on the bottom floor, under the fish.

Green roof! Again, super cool. Read about it on their website. Just wait till the poppies bloom.

All the women in my family have lots of opinions...


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