Moonstruck ~ What a Moonie does when she can't sleep....

Gemini: Today philosophical meanderings are pointless

That is what my horoscope says :).

After only 2 hours of sleep, the Moon shone and my body decided it had had enough sleep. I have been blessed with being "Moonstruck" since childhood, so I don't even fight it. I got up and put ingredients in my bread maker (this is my fast food bread when I am too lazy to knead, rise, knead..), did the dishes from last night (the Brownies never seem to get this address), scrubbed my kitchen, made PINK, FLUFFY, super yummy cupcakes. We are going to our favorite park today to meet some friends and celebrate Benjamin's birthday a bit belated. His little special 7th birthday just kind of came and went with all the chaos and grief happening here.

On the note of friends (and here goes my pointless philosophical meandering), I have decided to only nurture relationships that nurture me. I have realized how low my energy gets around depressing, pessimistic people, and how happy I am around people who I can discuss, laugh, research, and solve problems with. There are people who I can spend hours with, and wonder where time has gone....I now choose to only let them into my bubble. Basta.

Taken on my cellphone, at 6:20 am. Rexi loves when I wake up early!

Sleep well,

What I am grateful for: My authentic friends.

What I am manifesting: Sales.

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