Angry Women

From my book, "Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within", Witch (Part 2), Pg. 67:

Angry Women

"Women are never supposed to be angry. We are girls; feminine, not brutes.

When a woman blows her top, she is pronounced crazy, hysterical, or otherwise uncontrollable; a menace to society.

It is an age old stigma. Woman are nurtures, we are soft, compassionate, patient. We are supposed to keep our composure, keep it together at all times. We are the empresses of home and family, and both areas need to be cool, calm, and collected. Even as little children, where aggressive play is completely accepted and almost expected for boys, girls who play mildly aggressive are deemed “tomboys”, those that are wilder are probably diagnosed with some behavioral problem. In the “old” days, women and mothers who “lost it”, had a nervous breakdown, or became angry and uncontrollable where put away. They were admitted to cushy or not so cushy mental institutions, where their anger and spirit where drained out of them with drugs, torture methods, or experiments. These women were torn from their life and families, left in the hands of so-called professionals that were supposed to "fix" them and spit them back out, perfect and proper. Just like a wild animal that is tamed by breaking their will and spirit, these women of broken will could snap at any moment and become a lethal weapon.

Today, things are not so harsh and sinister, ...."

(Or are they??)

I decided to post this little snippet from my book today, because "ANGER" is one thing that is still taboo. I personally have learned to realize that my anger never stems from the things that "unleash" it. Anger is deep. I don't believe anyone who says they can always control their anger, that they never "lose" it. Why? Because they would be dead.

With that said, I was brought to tears today by an email from a woman who has been judged by those who are perfect. Or are they?

I will leave it at that and hope it reaches the right hearts.

Much love,

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