On the job training ~ What the hell were we thinking??

So I have not been swallowed by the big, giant worm in my backyard garden, as I have not touched anything out there as planned.

We discovered some water damage in our beautiful Big Blue Van. Since I wanted to take my Mama camping while she is here visiting, so she too could experience the magic of our Big Blue Van (and since we have those brand, spanking new tires after our disaster family bonding trip to Salinas), I made Mr. Heike check out that damage.

This is what happened:

What the hell was I thinking? What the hell were we thinking? I have no idea if we will ever get the van back together. If you want to read my "notes" to the pics, go directly to to my Flickr page (which I still don't know how to use.). Notice how my kids are helping, and my mom's work shoes :).

So, if you want to see me in the next weeks, grab a hammer and come guide us. Or stand back, because tempers are flaring...


What I am grateful for: My Mama, who comes and interrupts JUST as I am about to swing my hammer at Mr. Heike.

What I am manifesting: That the roof WILL fit back on the van....

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