How do we end this eventful day??? With new hair and wine.

Today was a weird day. I went to my second acupuncture appointment, and that was just downright amazing. Then a healthy lunch at Taco Bell, as our next appointment was right after I picked up my kids at art class. A few hours at the park that drained my energy, then home. 15 minutes to prepare dinner before I whisk over to pick up my Hubby from work. It is only 5 minutes from here.....



I am driving over the one big intersection, and the car to the right of me decides to make a turn. Right into the front end of my truck.

WTF??? I only have an hour before I have to get my HAIR CUT!!

Yes, that is what I am thinking...since my truck is made of steel and her little car is made of fiberglass. Though I think it whacked it out of line a bit, will have that checked tomorrow. No one was hurt, thank goodness, because not one of the assholes who drove around us and honked stopped to check.

Long story short, we called CHP, exchanged info, all humans are well.

I went to my friend, and she gave me a hair cut. And since she is a pro, she delicately informed me that the "light" color I dyed my hair to sucks...and it does not make me look younger. I love her. Tomorrow I will be 40, and I now I don't look a wink over my usual age of 25, LOL.....(just ignore the wrinkles and look at the spirit...).

And my baby lost another tooth....

Good night....

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