Trash Nouveau

I have long been a Treasure Hunter...other people's trash is my treasure. It's in the genes, I still sit on the chair that my Oma rescued from the dump pile 20 odd years ago.

My kids have it in them too. There is nothing better to lift our spirits than a trip our thrift store, or cleaning up the laundry, eh junky room, or attic and finding long forgotten objects. I often chuckle when I meet past acquaintances at the thrift store, who are openly uncomfortable, like I "caught" them in the unspoken act :)...LOL...silly them. Stay home, leave the treasure for me!!

Here are my finds from my last thrift store visit. This was a rare trip by myself, without my little crew...

I LOVE my cowboy boots!! I could have a different pair for every day of the month. Maybe if I wear them, my ranch will come to me??? And now I have a canner for $1.50, the glass insert rack for $1.00!! :)

And here is my little Astronaut, ready to conquer the world in his recycled grocery box.....

I have long found out that toy stores could be oblivious, and kids would not care as long as you furnish them with cardboard boxes. Even my 11 year old still gets giddy when we get a big box.

Life can be so simple......

What I am reading (this is new!): "Amber and Dragonfly", by Dianna Gabaldon. OMG, I read book one of this trilogy, and am hooked. I am ready to go to the Scottish Highlands and conjour up the spirits of Jamie and Claire, as I am totally in love with the two main characters. Need me at 3 am?? I am up, reading.
Also, "Change your Thoughts, Change your Life" by Dr. Dyer. I am on Tao verse #2. Wow..

What I am grateful for:
My ability to see the good.

What I am manifesting: SALES. If you know where I can advertise my book and Goddesses, tell me :).

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