Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 1

After a wonderful celebration under the stars and my new red pergola, surrounded by my friends :), I am ready to tackle the aftermath of many years of hoarding junk. Why now? Because you cannot get into my laundry room.....

All big projects are done, and now it is time to create Sacred Space so I can move on to new projects that are good for ME, ME, ME.

Unfortunately, I am plagued with being a clutter collector, a hoarder, and keeper of treasures. In the last weeks, important items have gone missing amongst the "treasures", and tempers heat up as we have to search through things.....

So, with the brand new month of June, I have decided to envoke on a journey: Blasting the SpiritZappers.

Every day in the month of June, I will tackle one space, one person, one computer, one WHATEVER needs to go, and share with you. They say it takes 30 days to reform a habit....once I "clear" the SpiritZappers out of my life, I will do everything in my power to KEEP THEM OUT.


Day 1:

The laundry baskets in my bedroom that have been growing new clothes. I swear, I am tempted to just bag them up. I have folded them at least twice, and left them on the bed.....just to have "someone" put (throw) them back in the basket. I will decide and post on the update by the end of the day.

If you look real close you will see that the dirty socks find their way in there too...sigh....

What I am reading: Still "Dragonfly in Amber" (too busy :()
What I am grateful for: My friends
What I am manifesting: Consistancy

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