Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 12 & 13

Yes, I am combining two days :).

Technically, I blasted the SpiritZapper of isolation yesterday, by spending an evening with my girlfriends. We made rice noodle rolls, had lots of dessert, and laughed ourselves to tears. Then I got to have a slumber party :).....

Today, I tackled the SpiritZapper of "no money". You know, the one who shows up when you look into your account and you have $1.22 to your name, but your bills are going off the next day???

My other half and I have dissected our budget today, and have found that after allotting money for food, utilities, and other miscellaneous things we HAVE to pay for, we have less than a good dinner and a beer of play money per week.

Is this depressing? No? :) No, because surprisingly, we still have this bit extra. I am going CASH now, and it will be interesting to see if we can manage to stay in our allotted cash budget. The only one who will be depressed is my network of local thrift stores....maybe they will send me a "PLEASE come back!!" coupon?? Our budget did not include any of my sales, mainly because they are so sporadic. My next project will be marketing.....

Happy Sunday!

What I am reading: Everything About Your Tween, and Dragonfly in Amber
What I am grateful for: My girlfriends. Gawd, I would just wilt without them! Love y'all!!!
What I am manifesting: Sales

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