Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 14

We recently had a garage sale, and my family insisted I keep this stupid Floormate to clean the floor. It was up in the attic for about 2 years because it is big, I have no where to store it out of the way, and it kept harnessing all the dog hair into one giant PLUG that was hard as concrete and a pain in my ass to clean out. I can do better with a mop....

Well, to make a long story short, we kept it, it is in my way, and when I recently did try to use it, the brushes did not work.

So today, my SpiritZapper Blasting entailed getting rid of all "tools" that do not work properly and take up my Spirit space. When Benjamin asked me why I was giving away the cleaner, I told him the brushed don't work.

His little eyes lit up.

"Mama, let ME try to fix it!".

Sure. Go for it. Why not, I am getting rid of it anyways, and just got the "Best Mama in the World" award.

He took it apart. Put it back together.

The brushes work!! He is a genius! Now we just have to try it with water......

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