Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 19 = Surviving the Recession, it's really nothing new.....

Today my SpiritZapper is this issue I have to get off my chest:


last night 20/20 was showing the first of the series "New Normal". They were showing how people are now surviving the Recession. Again, just like Oprah, they showed people who are "over-consumers", people who wanted to keep up with the Joneses, Nouveau Riche who were friviously spending money on unimportant, material things. All of these people were making a ridiculous amount of money before, and still were over spending.

My friend Brandy and I were discussing this show on Facebook, commenting if WE were now "normal" is my response:

I am always amused at these shows (Oprah did it too). I guess I was just considered "dirt poor" before it was considered "nooveau chic" to reuse, shop at the thrift store, walk your dog instead of walking on a treadmill at the gym, etc. They always act as if these once big spenders have invented a way to "survive the recession". Newsflash: there are people living like this every day because they would rather "LIVE" than than live for the money for the rest of their lives. Or maybe they aren't paid a ridiculous amount of money for sitting on their asses, compared to those who work hard for their little money.
Can you tell this subject gets me a little riled up???"

Yes, this subject is close to my heart, and even though I commend these very mainstream, informative shows on their vigor to educate the masses who seem used buying everything on credit, it would be nice if they would venture out and find out how we "normal" people are surviving this recession.

You see, our houses are worth nothing also, yet we manage to stay in them. My husband's salary, already too low to make strides with, was also cut "due to the economic recession". We have always bought junkie, used cars so that we would not have a car note, and it has been getting us from point A to point B safely for years. We even sold one and are now using one car and making it work. We haven't had a real family vacation in years, and must say that the camping trips and family day trips to the beach, the ones Richies seem to think are a demeaning alternative to a "real" vacation, are a blast. I have been baking my own bread and growing my own food, or trading work for food at the organic farm for years to make organic food happen for my family. Five days a week, my husband works 2 jobs so that I can raise our kids, and if I did work and put my kids in daycare or "activities", I would have to work two also. We made the choice years ago to cut back and sacrifice so that we could do this. We Freecycle, shop garage sales, and all our clothes, except underwear and shoes, come from the thrift store. My kids, and I, are constantly asked where our "cool" clothes come from, and they PROUDLY say: "From the thrift store!".

You see, we have been living like this for years. The working poor. My kids know the value of money, and are proud of it. They are not suffering because their parents won't buy them designer clothes or an iPhone anymore. And though it is harder and harder to survive with less and less, it does not hurt us so bad because we are used to making due and being grateful for what we DO have.

I feel a bit sorry for all those who are now in this recession shock, but I think America is learning a lesson. A lesson in Gratitude, Compassion (you see, now being rich enough to go a "good" school is no longer a guarantee of a good life. Maybe now those who are blessed to have a degree from a "good" school will no longer look down on those working hard for their money because they could not afford to go to a "good", or any college.), Humbleness, Patience, Thrift (don't buy it unless you can pay for it). Hopefully it will also contribute to more family time, and all those "de-tached" kids everyone complains about will find their families again. Mom and Dad won't be so busy paying for the numerous cars, Wii's, designer clothes, etc, and can spend some time with their kids. Kid's might learn responsibility, both to their families, and to themselves, by being held responsible for more than just getting primped for school or sports.

Maybe this is all a Divine Plan?

I for one, am willing to apprentice anyone on how to survive the recession, without any judgment :). I am grateful that I am able to have the life I lead, however poor it may look on the outside, LOL.

Much love,
P.S. I just got a nasty little message, saying I am jealous, and that I should have "gotten an education". :) I do have an education, and I had a dream job that paid me well...Sweetie, I CHOSE this life. I am not jealous, and am happy for anyone who has lots of money to make their dreams reality. Good for them! I still play the Lottery in the hopes that we will win one day...BUT...I will not sacrifice the short time my children are growing up, I will not sacrifice my whole day and life, I will not sacrifice every ounce of energy I have, nor will I sacrifice my Spirit for money. I have what I need.

This post was not written because I am "MAD" at rich people. That is so small-minded. This post is because I am frustrated that the world should feel sorry for those who have sold their souls, and now they don't know how to handle the heat.

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