Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 2

Good Morning my friends!

If you are following my Blasting the SpiritZappers, you will be proud to know that I tackled those baskets!!! One of them is still sitting in the kids room with their clothes, but that is THEIR responsibility :)...

And even though my knack of finding treasures is what got me into the clutter prediiciment in the first place, I MUST share what I found at the thrift store yesterday:

If you are not from the "cold climates" and have no idea why this excites is a TOBAGGON!! A wooden one..yippeeeee!

ooooo....time to dust off that sewing machine!!!

Now down to regular business. SpiritZapper Day 2:

Today I am conquering one of my email boxes. I am going to go through the 309 unread emails one by one, and either file them or delete them. Then I will tend to the other 1300 stored in my box...WTH?? I am sure that number 3 is not important enough to save anymore......

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