Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 23 - Catch Up

Today is "officially" day 23 of my Blasting, and I am catching up with all the past projects. I am mainly concentrating on my Junior's room, as she is coming home from camp tomorrow :). We put up her new fan (with a light, finally she does not have to be a cave dweller anymore!), hopefully that will let her "see the light" of a nice, neat room :).

But a girl can't be all about work and no play! This morning I took my boys on an adventure. We keep driving by this park entrance, an itty bitty one that connects to the American River Bike trail. So this morning we donned our adventure hats went to check it out :). Super can see a few more pics at Sub Green Mama .

I am scrounging with my cash budget for groceries, and have a whopping $7.53 left until Sunday. I will fill you in more at the end of the month with my SpiritZapping synopsis.

Much love,

P.S. Every time I turn on the radio, I hear this sappy song "Live your life like there is no tomorrow" by ???. I think it is a sign, and I am hanging loose a little.....

What I am grateful for: Wide open spaces in my back yard that fascinate me. Getting back to my roots....
What I am manifesting: Sales

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