Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 7

Today was a good day, and I dare say: I think the SpiritZappers are taking effect!

Today I had other plans, but they were diverted when I walked into my son's room. I will not shock you with pictures, but even though he is only 7, he is a little SLOP. So instead of walking out with the child I went to retrieve, I was faced with the SpiritZapper of the day.

His room.

So we tackled it. He needs a new bookshelf, as his love for books and gooey stuff is apparent all over his floor.

He is lucky he is cute.

On a HAPPY note: Today I spent the majority of the day playing with food! We got some great deals on cherries and apricots yesterday, so I tried my hand at canning. I also made some more strawberry jam...Yum. If you want details, check out my new blog that is dedicated to our "aspiring homesteading adventure". The Good, the Bad, and the Evil :).

Green Sub Mama

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