Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 9

I am on DAY 9!!!!

If you are wondering, yesterday was a challenge! Not only was I itching to turn on the computer, I had to field off complaints all day about "If we could only use the computer, we could look that up!". I must admit, keeping all computers off showed us how much time we spend on there. Instead, we cooked, did puzzles, read our new books, and just enjoyed each other :). Another bonus: I talked to friends on the phone that I would have played email tag with.

My SpiritZapper challenge today?

My refrigerator. It is full of ????. Something stinks, and it is not the dog's tripe, as the children want to make me believe (If you have never smelled Green Tripe, you are in for treat. It smells like cow poop. My dog loves it. Because of him, my kitchen and fridge smell like cow poop periodically...).

I am putting on my iPod, getting a glass of wine, and tackling the fridge....

What I am reading: Dragonfly in Amber
What I am grateful for: my kids
What I am manifesting: Sales

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