Live, Love, Laugh

For some reason the past days have been filled with ideas, and myself being thankful for the things I have.

Take today: I went to the river with my kids. It was 100 degrees, yet sitting by the shore of the water, under the shade of the beautiful tree canopies, with good friends was PERFECT. Or bobbing around on the tube with my daughter, letting the river current takes us away......

Every once in a while, I have what we can call a "Shit Day". As the name implies, everything that day sucks. The laundry, the yapping dog, the bickering kids, the husband who gets on my nerves, the computers that don't work, the constant whining of people around me......those the are same days I burn myself while cooking, the giant bag of rice pops open while I try to pour, the dog food bowl gets sprawled all over kitchen so the ants come for the kibble that does not get swept up, my hair does not work...


The other day, while giving my husband a Heike Lecture about being grateful for what he has (I like to give those sometimes...), it clicked. You know, when I told him that the sucky stuff will go away if he changes his thought pattern. Instead of telling himself over and over again how terrible this and that is, he says: "Wow, I have a FABULOUS wife, great kids, a roof over my head, I still have my jobs, and even the dog loves me." Sound familiar? It is what they tell us in "The Secret". And I realized that that is our fundamental difference. I can't wake up and think doom. Yes, it may make me seem a bit Airy Fairy, but that is ok. He is the Serious One, and we must find our middle.

Or just keep watching "The Secret" over and over and over.

Much love,

What I am reading: Drums in Autumn!! Yahoo! Love it. Now all I want to do is drink whiskey and say "arse" :).

What I am grateful for: My life.

What I am manifesting: Sales :). Check out my new Facebook page:

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